How to Make Your Website More Engaging?

Now you probably have a better understanding about the difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) based on our previous post. Here we’d like to further discuss how these two elements are crucial to an engaging website.

You website is gaining competition everyday, so how to make visitors choose your website over others? You may be interested in the methodology called “Neuro Web Design“, which borrow from the concepts of neuroscience, motivation, and instinct. Neuro Web Design explains how emotions affect our decisions and how to apply persuasion to design websites that attract customers.

A great website involves many psychological aspects that provoke users to act on the products or services you are prompting. While making sure your website flows properly with all the techniques and principles, you should also look at the emotional elements within your design. Empowerment comes from not only the technical nature of a website, but also persuasion, emotion, and trust. After all, your brand is a living entity. An engaging web design is not just a marketing tool but a genuine source of competitive advantage that reflects your brand personality.

Check out this interesting presentation of The 7 principles that make your website more engaging by Dr. Susan Weinschenk:

1)     Too Many Choices: If people have too many choices, they won’t choose at all. Less is more!
2)     Social Validation: People look to others for guidance. This is why, for example, ratings and reviews are powerful tools for your websites.
3)     Scarcity: Less available items seem to be more valuable. Fear of loss evokes action, so you should consider creating desirability on your website.
4)     Food, Sex, and Danger: If sensitive topics are used properly, they can be very powerful triggers for action!
5)     Power of Faces: Face camera focus on the eyes.
6)     Story: The brain processes best in story form.
7)     Commitment: Transform to loyalty!

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