Rare Views of the Northern Lights and the Milky Way

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Today’s April 22! Happy Earth Day! 

It’s the time to celebrate the wonders of our planet. Just take a moment and appreciate the amazing things going on around us on the Earth.

Do you know that April 22 is chosen to be the Earth Day because it is the first official day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere and of Fall in the Southern hemisphere? In fact, after Christmas and Halloween, Earth Day is the 3rd largest celebrated holiday.

A passionate landscape photographer from Norway released a unique footage online of the northern lights and the Milky Way. Within 6 hours of the release, more than 20,000 people had shared the video with their friends. Check it out on the Wall Street Journal: Earth Day: Rare Views of the Night Sky

4 thoughts on “Rare Views of the Northern Lights and the Milky Way

  1. Love that image of the seedling in the hands. Did you know there are two Earth Days? The first, on 21st March, is the one that coincides with the vernal equinox, first day of spring in Northern Hemisphere. The second, today, is one originally timed to coincide with a suitable moment in the US academic year.

    • That’s a very interesting fact about the Earth Day(s). Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you like the beautiful footage of the northern lights and the Milky Way that we share here. Happy Earth Day!

      • I am sure it’s great. My broadband is struggling today but as soon as it improves I will watch the footage with great pleasure, thanks!

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