How small businesses can succeed during slow times

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If you run a small business, you are probably run you off your feet. And, that’s especially true during hard times.

In British Columbia, the majority of businesses are small — mom and pop shops of fewer than 50 people and micro-businesses, which have five or fewer employees. These businesses fight for survival during lean times and juggle cash-flow problems and expenses during the good times.

Either way, small business owners have to work hard to make it, especially when they don’t have deep pockets to begin with. However, there are ways to survive and even thrive. The key is focusing on what you can control.

So, rather than feel demoralized when hearing about the difficulties small businesses face, turn your attention to the aspects of your operation that you can change.

For example, contain costs by eliminating or reducing expenses. But do it strategically. Be sure your cost reductions…

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Web Design: Difference Between UI and UX

What is the difference between UI and UX?

User Interface (UI) –  User Interface is a system by which a user interacts with a machine. Literally it means “user between face” – how the user ‘faces’ the system and how the system ‘faces’ the user. User Interface is like a component of User Experience, but not the other way around. Simply put, “user interface is the primary and tangible means by which the user experience of a product occurs”.

User Experience (UX) –  It is a user’s thought and feelings about using a system, product, or service. This human-computer interaction impacts a user’s perception of the system or device. Aside from practicality, User Experience stresses on the experiential,  meaningful, and affective aspects of the system.

Here’s a clever explanation from Vitamin T using cereal to demonstrate the distinctions:

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Why is it important to distinguish the difference between UI and UX? 

It’s common to have UI and UX people on the same project, so it is important to distinguish the roles and to be clear which responsibility each of them would have. If you want the two master professionals contributing their individual expertise to the end result, then you need to beware the different specializations of the two. Overall, understanding the distinctions between UI and UX is essential to establish a foundation for a more successful final product.

This human kaleidoscope gives an amazing “visual experience”! Dancers + Camera + Kaleidoscope = this gorgeous video. Congratulations TED and Doha Film Institute for your excellence!

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Dancers + camera + kaleidoscope = this infinitely gorgeous short video. (Watch in 1080p fullscreen if you can.) It’s made for TEDxSummit, an unprecedented gathering of TEDx organizers from around the world. The video celebrates “the power of x” to multiply great ideas.

And if you’re wondering … yes, it’s a real kaleidoscope. No editing tricks — everything you see here happened in the camera. (Watch the jawdropping making-of video.) Credits below.

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Creative Directors: Hobson-Chant
Strategy: Alex Bennett-Grant
Agency producer: Jamie Nami Kim
Director: Körner Union
Production company: Big Productions Paris
Producer: Raphaël Carassic
DOP: Laurent Tangy
Set Designer: Laurent Tesseyre
Choreographers: Icouldneverbeadancer
Editor: Matthilde Carlier
Wardrobe: Elisabeth Rousseau
Hair & Make-Up: Avril Carpentier
Line Producer: Nicolas Avram
Head of Post-Production: Natacha Dolar
Post-Production: Mikros Image
Music artist: Yasmine Hamdan
Producer: Toolbox Audio
Sound design:…

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Rare Views of the Northern Lights and the Milky Way

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Today’s April 22! Happy Earth Day! 

It’s the time to celebrate the wonders of our planet. Just take a moment and appreciate the amazing things going on around us on the Earth.

Do you know that April 22 is chosen to be the Earth Day because it is the first official day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere and of Fall in the Southern hemisphere? In fact, after Christmas and Halloween, Earth Day is the 3rd largest celebrated holiday.

A passionate landscape photographer from Norway released a unique footage online of the northern lights and the Milky Way. Within 6 hours of the release, more than 20,000 people had shared the video with their friends. Check it out on the Wall Street Journal: Earth Day: Rare Views of the Night Sky

Small Business Team Building: Learn From Team Building with Sheep?!

Chris Farnsworth, a shepherd from Wiltshire, England, turns his sheep herding experience into a great business idea – an unconventional team building course! This course brings groups of people together and teaches them how to effectively communicate with each other and work in a team to generate the best result. More than that, participants will learn about themselves and how to be an inspiration to others in the team.

This alternative way of team building has been a great hit among local business professionals. Most importantly, this course helps participants to discover their own strengths and have them realized and combined in the team. What can be better than learning and having fun at the same time?!

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WittyCookie’s New Website is Live!

Hello everyone!

WittyCookie’s new website is live! With the newly-designed interface, we want to create more pleasant user experience for you. Make sure to do a full refresh to see the change:

We would love to hear your feedback. How do you like our new website?

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Web Design and Typography

WittyCookie | Affordable Vancouver Web DesignThe beauty of typography goes beyond mere aesthetics; it facilitates the communication between you and your audience.  Although it is important for web designers to understand the basic discipline behind the application of typography, having flashy presentations and layouts may get you nowhere. The key is to integrate your design with valuable information and good content!

What do you think of the typographical elements used in this print ads of Coca-Cola? Watch a creative video on WittyCookie’s Facebook.