‘Cat Drawing’ Entrepreneur Rocks the ‘Shark Tank’?!

WittyCookie | Affordable Vancouver Web DesignIf you are a big fan of the Canadian’s reality show “Dragons’ Den”, then you should be familiar with the US version “Shark Tank”.

Both prime-time TV shows feature start-up entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to secure investment from the successful venture capitalists (the “Dragons” and the “Sharks“). Each episode is full of interesting activities and ideas, the head-to-head conversation with the  hard-nosed venture capitalists is what makes the show intense but entertaining.

One episode from Shark Tank, I Want To Draw A Cat For You, which really catches our attention. Steve Gadlin, a web designer, owns a ‘cat drawing’ business. Basically he draws cats and sells the drawing through his website. He is asking for $10,000 investment from the Sharks in exchange for 25% of his company. Many people think Steve’s business idea does not make any sense; even Steve himself admits that his ‘cat drawing’ business may sound bizarre to some people. However, at the end, Steve manages to walk away with the investment from Mark Cuban (one of the Sharks)!! How does he do that?

We have nothing against Steve’s idea. Although Steve’s idea seems ridiculous to some people, he knows how to use his idea wisely. After all, Steve knows how to market his idea and make it into a real business. He understands the importance of website and media effect and knows how to take advantage of them to market his idea. If you don’t know how to market your products or services, having a great idea can mean nothing! Contact us if you want to hear some advice about building a better marketing tool – your website- to realize your idea.

Watch this entertaining episode on our Facebook. We would love to hear your thoughts!  What do you think about Mark’s investment in I Want To Draw A Cat For You?

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Hello and Welcome to WittyCookie’s Company Blog!!

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